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    By Youth,
    For Youth.

    Our Helping to
    the world.

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    What we are doing

    Our mission is to serve our community

    Public Service

    As a Kiwanis organization in Division 4 of the LaMissTenn Branch, our core values revolve around public service in our community. We recognize the importance of youth stepping into their roles to improve their home and society for the future in whatever way possible, and we strive to give them the opportunities to do so.


    Another way we work to improve our community is through the provision of fun recreational activities such as our Sunbasket State Tournament and the NOLA Annual Gaming Fest. These activities help to bring our community together and establish a vital community cohesion that is becoming more and more rare in the modern era.

    Extending our Influence

    We have partnered with the Dawn Busters Kiwanis organization to help further our influence throughout not just our Kenner community but through all of Southwest Louisiana. This vital part of our history is why we are dubbed the Jefferson Parish Youth.

    Who are We

    Our driven members are always ready

    Bodhaansh Ravipati

    Board Member, Head of Software Development

    Destrehan High - Class of 2022

    Kristi McKinney


    Kenner City Councilwoman

    Michael Haffner


    Dawn Busters Member

    Robayet Hossain


    Haynes Academy - Class of 2022

    Jieni Chen

    Vice President

    Haynes Academy - Class of 2021

    Erik Claros


    East Jefferson - Class of 2021

    Phillip Dinh


    Patrick F. Taylor - Class of 2022

    Parijat Basak

    Public Relations

    Metairie Country Day - Class of 2023

    Let's Change The World Together!

    Michael Haffner

    JPYC Advisor

    “JPYC is the ONLY Key Club internationally that has the ability to include members from other schools and parishes via Kiwanis International experimenting “dual membership”, allowing for key club growth and building members’ leadership skills.”

    Kristi McKinney

    JPYC Advisor

    “ ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ While this group is pretty large, I think that its meaning is the same; JPYC members are a group of individuals that will be able to impact the world by working together.”

    Robayet Hossain

    JPYC President

    "The moment we feel comfortable is the moment we’re not pushing the limits of our creativity. This club embraces the amazing opportunities that change provides in every situation. Of course, none of this is going to be easy, but nothing easy is worth doing.”

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